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3Days Workshop on website development

Engr Mudasir is going to lead a workshop with title “3 days workshop on Website Development,website Designing and Website Marketing

I am invited as resource person, the audience is round about of three figures.The index of the workshop is as:


Day 1:

  • Basic Introduction to website development.
  • HTML
  • CSS

Day 2:

  • Web Server
  • MySQL
  • PHP

Day 3:

  • SEO
  • SMM
  • Affiliate Marketing

Workshop venue is UCET, IUB Pakistan. Workshop duration: 19-March-2012 to 21-March-2012. Workshop is arranged under the supervision of YES-CSE. YES (Young Engineers Society) is society that is working for the promotion of students and college as well on National and International Platforms. I am ready to demonstrate sessions on Website Development, Designing and Website Marketing.

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